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Good files and more to help the hand coder!
Note: This site is best viewed using either  Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Maxthon or Vivaldi
it does not render properly on Edge or Internet Explorer (not surprising).

Cheat Sheets (pdf format):
  • HTML5
  • CSS3

  • Code Editors:
  • Notepad++
    Is the best editor for the seasoned hand coder. I've used it exclusively for years on all of the programming languages that I'm fluent in. I am coding this entire site using Notepad ++ .

  • Sublime Text
    Is a sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose.

  • Visual Studio
    VS Code uses a multi-process architecture, where extensions are executed in a separate extension host process. The workbench can now recover gracefully from an unexpected termination of the extension host process. All UI elements and state driven from extensions will be removed (for example, squiggles and Status Bar items) and, if the extension host is restarted, everything will return to normal.

  • "Whether you’re using Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge, your browser already has a built-in PDF reader. It won’t have all the features, but using your browser as a PDF reader is a quick way to read PDF documents and it will save you lots of system resources."

  • 5 Best pdf Readers

  • If you're into WordPress here's some things you might find useful.

  • WPMU Dev  (Premium Content)

  • Free Themes With Demos

  • WP Beginner
    Beginners often get confused when trying to pick the best WordPress plugins among the large number that are available. Visit this site to learn more and you might find one you need.

  • How to Start a Secure WordPress Blog for Newbies: Taken from Sensors Tech Forum by Gergana Ivanova on [September 20, 2017] "Starting a new blog is an adventure and an inspiration like every new beginning, but it is worth it. Nowadays, it is extremely easy to start your own website, it requires a tiny initial investment of money and some investment in time."

  • Is your image gallery software living up to your expectations? Here's the one I use exclusively JAlbum check out my galleries and see how I customized them. It's simply the best image gallery software I've used.

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    ASCII Guide


    Button Maker

    Handy Tool



    Download the complete package of 65 (2.2mb) transparent icons HERE. Original size 256X256 resizable png icons.

    Icons for designers ... Download the entire package (11mb) of resizable icons HERE.

    Custom Icons



    These are displayed as 100px X 100px and are resizable without lose of resolution. Their original size is 512px X 512px
    Click the icon you want and download it in a .zip file.

    adhesive tape agenda agenda alarm clock analytics
    archive archive atm machine bank briefcase
    briefcase briefcase browser browser browser
    browser browser building business card businessman
    businessman businessman cabinet cabinet cabinet
    cabinet calculator calculator calculator calendar
    calendar calendar calendar chat chat
    chat chat check checked click
    clipboard clipboard clock clock clock
    close cloud computing cloud computing cloud computing coin
    compass compass compass computer computer
    computer computer contract contract contract

    Get The Entire Package ... HERE The File Is 3.5mb and 300 icons.  And 30 security based vector icons HERE.


    Transparent wood accent icons with original size 256 X 256px (1.3mb) and resizable. Download entire package of 16 icons HERE.

    Top Browsers



    A word of caution, be sure that you download and install the most current version of any browser from the browsers official download site.  Some earlier versions may have had problems and if you download one of these earlier versions you are going to be inheriting those problems. Maxthon is a good browser if you download Version 5 but earlier versions reported your personal information to a server in China where the browser is created. Always go to the website and get the latest version.  I linked the browsers below so that you are taken to the offering page.


    For some reason, Opera and Maxthon browsers do not allow for download from a secure site.

    Learn more about the ton of browsers out there at Softonic.

    " Customize - Raven"


    First release of 'Colorize-Raven' coming 12-15-2017. This is the developer version of Papa Mike Creations Theming System, designed exclusively for 'RavenNuke' Content Management System.

    Get ahead of the game by downloading RavenNuke CMS  Safe, secure and user friendly!

    10-18-17: My site here runs RavenNuke with Colorize-Raven installed. What you see here is a fully loaded version of the theming utility.

    The following addons will not come installed with Colorize-Raven.

    • Drop down menu (my design)
    • Left slide in menu (customized to work with Colorize-Raven)
    • Image/Photo/Content scroller (customized to work with Colorize-Raven)
    • Drop down menu content box (customized version of Flooble)

    and others. These will all be offered as separate plugins that you will be able to download from here once Colorize-Raven is released. As of now the release date is 11-15-17 but there is a good chance that it will be released early.  Hopefully this release will be combed over by the new users and problems/suggestions identified.

    Look here for future updates.



    Security Issues

    -- Can your computer get hacked by simply downloading an image? Next time someone sends you a photo of a cute cat or a hot chick be careful before you click on the image to view, it might hack your machine. Yes, the normal looking images could hack your computer — thanks to a technique discovered by security researcher Saumil Shah from India. Read More

    -- Tor Browser (onion) Just what is Tor? The Tor software protects you by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world: it prevents somebody watching your Internet connection from learning what sites you visit, it prevents the sites you visit from learning your physical location, and it lets you access sites which are blocked.

    -- Mixed Content  what is that? Firefox protects you from attacks by blocking potentially harmful, insecure content on web pages that are supposed to be secure. Click the link to learn more about mixed content and how to tell when Firefox has blocked it. Get Firefox and feel safer.






    Structured Query Language SQL  is used to communicate with a database. According to ANSI (American National Standards Institute), it is the standard language for relational database management systems. If you are running a CMS like Wordpress or any other site that stores data then it's a good bet you are using a SQL database, it has always been that popular.

    Linux OS's

    This my favorite and the one I use.
    In my opinion, Ubuntu is the best Linux OS out there. That might be because I use it. Although I run Ubuntu on a laptop, I also have a copy installed to a USB drive. - It's a straight forward process to install Ubuntu. You will need a copy of Unetbootin to breakdown the .iso file and install the OS to either your USB drive or hard drive. Go to Ubuntu and download a copy to whichever drive you choose (1.5gb). Then use unetbootin and follow the instructions to do the rest of the job. It's that easy.
    I have not used this one but people who have say it's a good choice.
    I Can't tell you much about OpenSuse other than what I've heard from other people who use it. Follow the link to their website to learn more.
    Fedora is one that I have been wanting to test drive but never get around to it.
    Fedora is one of those OS's that I have been wanting to test drive but just haven't found the time to work with it ... Well I found the time to test drive Fedora today and I can tell you, although some of you might love it others won't. I have done this for 40 years and I found this to be a waste of my valuable time. That's all I'll say because I think you should make your own decision. You might want to do all of your homework with it before you decide to try it.






    I've been around for a long time and I've also been using JotForm for a long time. I have never been able to find a better solution to forms creation. You should try it for free.



    I can't remember what it was that turned me onto jAlbum but I'm glad I started using it. I used it here to build my galleries. It has a 30 day trial period and it's definitely a very sexy product.



    Having trouble getting your database going? Visit this website for help and a demo.  Also, for getting those large SQL files installed to your database go to Big Dump. For specialized help contact your customer service techs.

    XAMPP Home Server

    I use XAMPP and have for years. I use a computer that is not connected to the Internet, work on my theming system then upload it here so I can fine tune things.  It's a good server with auto-install and also has Softaculas installed so that you can install, on your computer, a lot of good software titles. Some people turn XAMPP into a web-based server and load their sites directly from their own server.  I DO NOT recommend this!

    Drop Down Menus

    Got a website? Visit these guys and create a Menu for it. They have a 14-day free trial option where you get full benefits.




    Favicons are small 16x16 icon files that are displayed next to the URL of your site in a browser's address bar. Additionally, they're often displayed next to the name of your site in a user's list of open tabs and bookmark listings making it easier for the user to quickly identify amongst other sites.

    My logo image is 80px X 80px and  has been my trademark since 1995 it is also my favicon at 16px X 16px. Look at the top of my page on the tab and you'll see it. Follow the link above to create your own or see what else is offered.


    Anti Virus Software

    #1 Antivirus 2017, Advertised as FREE .....
    Fast & Simple to Use, Removes Malware, Adware, Spyware.
    NOTE: Only try this product if you don't have antivirus software installed.
    I usually test drive any product before I add it to my site. But, as of this writing, I haven't and that's only because I have a professional version of SpyBot installed on my machine.  I don't know about you but anytime I see an antivirus software that's free I instantly start looking on the website for pricing information - I looked but couldn't find any.  However, when a site offers 'Free Download' it's usually a piece of shareware.
    When I visited the site I immediately went to the product reviews and there it was .. not free at all!

    NotePad ++


    I've used Notepad++ for years. It is described as a text editor and that pretty much says it all.  You will need to know how to code if you want to start using NotePad++ but for those who do decide to give it a try won't be disappointed. ONLY download from its official site!

    Good Scripts
    1.  Back To Top Script
      Here's the script I use, it send's you to the top of the page.

    2.  Bootstrap Slider
      If you like the slider then you will like getting the package. Click the link above to download it. It's FREE. Have fun with it.

    3.  Google Sites
      Did you know that you can design a website using Google? They have a WYSIWYG available for those who aren't into coding.

    4.  Blooger
      Do you have Wordpress, no? Maybe Blooger is for you. Get a free domain from Blooger or buy your own.

    5.  Need Fonts?
      Get 1,100 (44mb) FREE fonts. An excellent collection.

    6.  Old XP Paint
      Download from website.Are you missing the old Paint program for Win XP? Yes? Then get a copy of it for Win XP, 7, 8 and 10.

    7.  Mobrise
      Here's a FREE one and a really great tool for building your own website. I am test driving it now and may be able to report more later.

    Icons by Axialis
    Grab some FREE icons.